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Core One A/S is a privately held Danish company manufacturing furniture at our own factory near Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. We manufacture dining room, living room, bedroom, upholstery, hallway, and home office furniture by order and ship in full container loads to leading furniture retailers around the globe.

Established in 2008, our company is anchored in Danish traditions of modern design, crafts and tradesmanship with high attention to detail and quality. To provide the best service and the best products, our company is placed in both Denmark and in Vietnam. In Denmark, CoreOne executes sales and administers customer service, product design, and inspirational marketing. In Vietnam, Response Vietnam Co., Ltd. oversees technical development, purchasing, production, quality assurance and control, and a variety of shared services. We have large showrooms in both Denmark and in Vietnam. Although we are at two continents, we are one team.


Our designs are predominantly created by independent, Danish designers that share our deep knowledge of materials and construction, know our customers well, and fully understand our factory’s properties. We are inspired by Scandinavian, Mid-century, and industrial designs. We mainly produce wooden furniture, and all our woods are from North America, either American White Oak or American Black Walnut. Our leather is from Brazil, and our fabrics from China, whereas metals, foams, surfaces, and packing materials are sourced from international companies with locations in Vietnam.


Our company was founded in 2008 as a trading company producing own designs at independent Vietnamese factories. The company name arrived from our mission to stay focused on relatively few core competencies, a limited number of suppliers, select raw materials, fast and efficient product development, convincing quality, and superior service. To support our decision to be our customers’ most reliable, most committed, and most preferred furniture supplier, we established our factory, Response Vietnam Co., Ltd., in 2013 and became a manufacturer instead of a trading company.

The factory has grown over the years and through a full vertical integration we now manufacture our products in full completion with all components from wood, metal, and upholsteries processed inhouse. An expansion in 2018 brought the entire factory floor to 25,000 sqm with 800 sqm offices and showroom, and we have plenty of opportunity to scale our capacity in the coming years. We currently employ +400 staff at Response Vietnam Co., Ltd., of which around 40 work in the administration. In Denmark we are 14 colleagues.




Everything we contemplate centres around the customer experience. We understand the values of service that stands out, of seamless communication, and of delivering on the brand promise. Sourcing valuable, original designs in full container loads from Vietnam is not a simple task, but we make it a convenient experience.



Efficiency, design efforts, and optimizations mean nothing if quality fails. We employ exceptional quality measures and controls throughout production, and we use strong data as the main driver for improvements. Every single production process is QC checked, and every single product is examined before shipping. Our target is 0% faults.



We are passionate about what we do. We genuinely care about our customers, our colleagues, our suppliers, our products, and the environment. We adhere to the highest standards of orderly conduct and corporate social responsibility. Passion keeps us motivated and contributes to making our company better every day.