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We work with young design talents that share our passion for the aesthetics of Scandinavian, of Mid-century modernism, and of industrial designs.


Morten Georgsen

Danish-born Morten Georgsen established his studio in 1992. In 2002 he moved to Valencia, where the studio is located today. The philosophy of the studio is a no-nonsense approach. Morten’s eye for design and the ability to achieve well-proportioned aesthetics and functions in the simplest way characterize the work of the studio. Although it prioritizes people’s opinion over fame, the studio has been rewarded with several design distinctions, like the Pinnacle, Haimsohn, and German Design Award. The designs are constantly featured in international publications.


Carsten Buhl

Carsten Buhl embraces the design philosophy of early modern and post-modern masters and reinvents them with today's new materials and technologies. His respects for the end user in his pieces are the motivations behind his innovative options in relation to form, function, minimalism, and elegance. Carsten Buhl's work is appealing and fresh, combining free-form sculptural shapes with the traditional attributes of Scandinavian design, material, and structural integrity. Each piece of furniture is a challenge – and has its own story. But common to it all is that it is created with respect to the simple, clear expression of Scandinavian design tradition.


Says Who

Says Who has a team of dedicated furniture designers that are rooted in the traditions of Scandinavian design and its love for simplicity, minimalism and functionality. With passion and curiosity, they challenge the expected and create great designs for a wide audience. They work commercially together with furniture manufacturers, retailers and brands. They are part of the movement of New Scandinavian Design, on one hand respecting the Scandinavian design heritage, and on the other hand reinventing it to fit into our present time. They create new Scandinavian designs for consumers worldwide, using a solid business understanding to develop thought-through solutions, and to construct unique and relevant furniture.


Studio Lillelund

Studio Lillelund is founded by Danish architect Malene Lillelund and built on a passion for functional, aesthetic, and commercial design. Since 2015 she has worked closely with international retailers and manufacturers creating bespoke design solutions. Malene believes that great design requires a holistic approach, including everything from analysing current market trends, materials, and colours to understanding manufacturing processes as well as the retailers’ and consumers’ desires and needs.


Rikke Frost

Rikke Frost has worked from her own design studio since 2004. She is often fascinated by a material or a production method and through combinations of materials and utilization of their properties, Rikke adds a natural utility to the design. She creates designs that must be seen, touched and felt. The design language is recognizable and simple, with a focus on materials, colours, details, and surprising features that lends the experience of a unified design.
Rikke Frost strives to work with sustainability and constantly challenge partners to select materials and processes that impact the environment as little as possible. Her curiosity and her interdisciplinary approach create an amazing synergy for the many different types of tasks that Rikke works with for CoreOne.


Steffensen & Würtz

Design duo Steffensen & Würtz firmly believes that design is about creating useful products that makes your everyday great. Pia and Thomas have been working as independent industrial designers since 2010 and have created furniture and interiors for several brands. Awarded ”Red Dot - Best of the Best” and ”German Design Award - Special Mention,” their designs have a certain characteristic detail, a surprising angle, and still feature a functional, technical, and aesthetic approach to the task.



Nordvink is a Danish award-winning design studio that exploits their talent within furniture and product design. They are a part of the new, young generation of designers that are doing remarkable designs for both national and international brands. The Nordvink team is truly passionate about designs for urban life and small living and has great experience within this field. Their approach to projects is filled with curiosity and empathy, which is clearly seen in the process of creating complete designs. They take pride in creating products and solutions that work in an everyday life. They see the world from a consumer’s point of view by analysing behaviour and opinions, from where they find their inspiration.

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