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CoreOne pursues high standards in respect of orderly conduct and corporate social responsibility. We comply with rules and regulations in Denmark and Vietnam, and we take employee welfare and social conditions seriously. To ensure that we do not miss out on important specifics in our daily compliance efforts, we are regularly audited by independent organizations that verify our workplace conditions to be in accordance with human rights, ILO conventions, and national labour law. amfori BSCI and SMETA 4-Pillars are our two current ethical audits. Furthermore, we have annual Facility Chemical Management Assessment and Technical audits. The most recent audits gave us a 90% compliance score for chemical management (’high performance’) and between 90,9 and 100% compliance score for the different sections of the Technical audit.


CoreOne is conscious of the pronounced responsibility we have for delivering furniture that meet all rules and regulations in the markets we supply to. Through tests, certifications, and by conducting our own guidance to sub-suppliers, we make sure that only environmentally safe and legal materials are used. We use third-party product testing to ensure that we live up to market regulations on product safety and conformity. Most products are tested to EN and BS norms for domestic use, and a growing number of products also for contract use.


Sustainability is a CoreOne mindset that brings value to our customers. We want to help making a difference in the world, no-matter how small we are, and no-matter how long the journey is. Processing and transporting materials and products around the world must be done with as little impact as possible, and to us, energy efficiency, waste management, and sensible materials’ sourcing are strategic focal points. We strive to use as little packing materials as viable, and to pack as little air in the boxes as possible. But supplying major online retailers, our products must be packed sturdily to endure rough handling before arrival. We carefully select materials that have as small an environmental footprint as possible, and most of our materials can be recycled. Our new Danish headquarters is carbon neutral as we produce 50% of our energy from rooftop solar panels, and the rest comes from wind power. 80% of our energy consumption in Vietnam is from hydropower, and our investment strategies incorporate reductions in power consumption, reduced water usage, and sustainable waste management.